Top 10 best Shops in Lahore | Best Places for Shopping

14 Oct, 2017

Top 10 best Shops in Lahore | Best Places for Shopping

They say that you are not truly born until you have seen Lahore. If you want to do Shopping their are best shops in Lahore Lahore is one of the most beautiful cities in Pakistan and no other city can beat Lahore in its liveliness and beautiful shopping places. The people of Lahore love to be outdoors and they love to shop. Lahore has a number of beautiful shops, well-planned shopping areas, and multi purpose shopping malls and the number keeps on increasing as time passes. These shops are of two basic types. They are either the traditional ones that are located in androon e shehr area and the others are the extremely modern ones which are located near Gulberg and the cantonment area. These shops contain a large variety of products and brands. You can buy something for as low as a hundred rupees or you can buy something as expensive as one lac rupees or for even more. Here is a list of the top ten best shops in Lahore, shopping areas, and multi purpose shopping malls in Lahore that are known for their beautiful and elegant architecture.

  1. The Mall of Lahore:

The Mall of Lahore is multi purpose shopping mall where you can find all the high end products and brands. It is the perfect place for dining, shopping, and entertainment. The Mall of Lahore is a high street shopping destination which is located near the Fortress Stadium of Lahore. The architecture of The Mall of Lahore is majestic and exuberant. It is a perfect place for those with a taste of finer things in life, elegance, and sophistication. The Mall of Lahore encompasses all the things that are required for a modern living experience. It is a safe haven for all the shopaholics and brand conscious people. A shopaholic will find all the brands and products his or her heart desires. With more than a hundred stores and outlets, you will have a lot of choice and variety at hand. Along with brands, it also provides places where you can rest, eat and keep yourself entertained. it is one of best shops in Lahore.

2. Gullberg Galleria:

Situated near the famous and most prestigious educational institution for women, the Gulberg Galleria attracts a lot of traffic from the students. Gulberg Galleria, just like The Mall of Lahore is high end mall with high end brands like Nishat Linen, Big and popular eat out places like X-2, Gloria’s Jeans, Mocha, Cold Stone, Citrus etc. This place is mostly preferred by the University students when they are on a break and want to eat something good and delicious. This shopping arcade is the perfect spot if you want to eat good and shop good. Again it is a high street shopping and eating destination which is preferred by people who want a taste of all the finer things in life. The shopping arcade consists of three floors and thirty nine outlets. It offers its customers a rather large parking space which has the capacity of having 140 cars. The shopping arcade itself is pretty small as compared to other high street shopping destinations. It has only two public stairways and two public lifts that connects all the three floors. Other than that, the whole shopping are is equipped with air conditioner and contains a huge variety of branded clothes, accessories, and footwear.

3. Hafeez Center:

Hafeez center is an entire mall dedicated to electronics. You will find each and every electronics brand here. If you want to get something fixed and it has been impossible for others to fix then Hafeez center is your place. Furthermore, you will find the best deal for laptops, phones and spare parts here.

4. Hyperstar:

Hyperstar was known as the largest multi purpose mall of Lahore until Emporium and Packages. Hyperstar is more of a grocery and necessity store than a high street shopping destination. It is located inside the Fortress Stadium of Lahore and covers the area which was once covered by Lahore’s famous annual ‘numaish’. The mall contains all the imported groceries, products, electronics etc. Hyperstar is equipped with air conditioners, tight security, security cameras, a large three floored parking area and much more. Hyperstar has three floors. The basement floor is composed of food items. The food items are either local or imported. It is composed of all the fruits, vegetables, snacks, fish, meat , bakery and other food items. Apart from that, they have a special counter for dried nuts, fruit juices and all types of cheese. They have brand outlets like Bread and Beyond, pic n mix and also conduct many promotional sales. The middle floor of Hyperstar is composed of all the miscellaneous, stationery items and electronics. They have a large variety of electronic brands. From HP to Apple, you will find every brand of electronics here at reasonable prices. When you enter you will find a large makeup station composed of many drugstore and high end makeup brands. They have beauty and skin care brand outlets like Saeed Ghani, a makeup city station and a special store for high end perfume and cologne brands. You will find a section which is specially dedicated to gardening and workout gear. From seeds to dumbbells, you will be able to find everything at Hyperstar. Then the top most floor is mostly dedicated to clothes and undergarments. There is a special place for women garments which is restricted to men. Apart from all of this, the mall has a prayer place, a book fair with a large variety of books and a play place for younger children which has around twenty rides.

5. Al Fatah:

Al Fatah is one of the leading departmental stores in Lahore. It contains many local and various imported stuff. If you are not able to find something then you will easily find it at Al Fatah. Al Fatah has a lot of branches all around Lahore. It also has a separate electronics store. The smaller shops of Al Fatah usually comprise of food items and a few miscellaneous products but the larger ones comprise of cutlery, food items, electronics, home decor pieces, clothes, makeup stations, fitness equipment, healthcare, toys etc. You will also find promotional food outlets serving delicious and innovative snacks just outside the main entrance as well.

6. Emporium Mall:

Emporium mall is a thirteen storey mall which is known as the second largest mall in Lahore. It comprises of over 200 stores, a circus and a five star restaurant. You will get tired but, still, you will not be able to explore the place in one day. Emporium has a huge food court that houses a large number of high level food chains like McDonald’s,

Broadway Pizza, Shakemania, Ice curl, and many more. The food court has the capacity to house over 2000 people at once. The mall is so huge that is has its own Hyperstar market, Bounce, Universal Cinemas which is a nine screen cinema hall and a five star hotel. Apart from this, the mall has wedding facilities.The thirteen storey building has an eleven storey shopping area and a three storey parking area which has the capacity to house 2000 cars approximately.

7. Packages:

Packages is a 1.2M square feet mall with more than 2000 parking spots, 200 plus brands and 35 plus eating places. It is considered as one of the largest malls of Lahore. Packages has a huge shopping area and similarly huge area of entertainment and relaxation. They have cinemas, a play area, kids zone, and a special area for events. They have special parking areas for disabled people and women. Packages houses of many renowned brands and food outlets like Bundu Khan, HBL, Bank Alfalah, Nishat Linen, High Born, Beech Tree, Makeup City, Tag Heuer, Dhanak and many more.

8. Pot Pourri:

Pot Pourri is another multi purpose departmental store like Al Fatah. It is a lot more affordable and budget friendly when you compare it to other high end departmental stores. It has a number of clothing brands, makeup brands, and food outlets. The pot pourri stores are not as large as compared to other high end departmental stores.

9. H. Karim Buksh:

H. Karim Buksh falls under the same category as Pot Pourri and Al Fatah but, it is more focused on the clothing section than it is on the grocery and food section. The whole departmental store is fully air conditioned and houses many clothing outlets like Khaadi and Lime Light. The grocery section consists of many local and international brands. They also have a floor or section (depending upon the size of the departmental store) for stationery items and miscellaneous.

10. Liberty Market:

This market area is the hub of brands and local clothes. The market has a lot of restaurants, food stalls, stalls of clothes and clothing brands like Khaadi. You will also see a number of food vendors selling chocolates and candies. Liberty market is the perfect place for bridal dress shopping and jewelry shopping. You will find a beautiful variety of bridal dresses, stitched and mostly unstitched. The more you explore the market, the more you will fall in love with its liveliness.

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An Inside Review On Best Shops in Lahore

If you have been planning to make a visit to Lahore and you do not take the pleasure out of the shopping entertainment then your Lahore trip is a completely useless to name up. Lahore is considered to be one of the most popular cities of the Pakistan and so as the Punjab Province. The tourists have always made the Lahore as one of the favorite destinations when it comes to exploring the beauty, historical background, and culture of Pakistan. Lahore has its own beauty outlook that is incomparable with other cities. Lahore is popular and most wanted to be known for its best shops in Lahore as well. Within Lahore, you will be finding so many exciting shops, bazaar, markets, and shopping malls to add a spice flavor in your shopping journey within Lahore. Now without wasting any time, let's take you on the journey ride of best shops in Lahore and their high sum of popularity!

Things to Buy in Lahore:

Having your visit to Lahore and not taking the pleasure out of the best things in this city is definitely making your journey imperfect. One of the most famous things to buy in Lahore is Nan Khatai. This is the main special thing of the Lahore City. You can probably get this delicious item from the Gourmet bakery or even from the place of Khalifa Bakers. It is one of the best shops in Lahore. Mentioning more, we have the dry fruits of Lahore that are famous all over Pakistan. Sadiq Dry Fruits in Lahore offers out with the best dry fruits in the whole Pakistan. Their main special thing is the Kishmish, Chilgoza, and Peanuts and Hazelnuts. Within your visit to Lahore, you will be loving the beauty of Shawls as well. They offer you with the shawls that are fully embroidered in intricate designs. In the same way, we would highlight you with the names of Khussays which you can buy from the Khussa Mahal in Liberty. In the same category, we have traditional jewelry as well that are all the more amazing put into the handcrafting models. There are many more things which you can probably check out to buy in Lahore as you will start discovering it!

Famous Bazaars in Lahore:

Have you been in search of the top and famous bazaars in Lahore? Well, why to search around when we are all here to help you. Anarkali Bazaar is known out to be the best and most famous bazaar of Lahore. It has been categorized as the oldest ones that are dating back to 200 years. It is located as in front of Lahore Museum and just as on the side of Punjab University Old Campus as near to the gate of Meo Hospital Lahore. Ichhra is another one of the top leading bazaars in Lahore that are renowned for the commercial and residential purposes. It is located in the area of Ferozpur Road just as between Gulberg, Mozang and the Old City. Liberty Market has always remained on the top of the list when it comes to best shops in Lahore. It is all over crowded with the brand shops and countless stores. It even features the biggest supermarket names as Al Fatah that is located just as across the road from most of Liberty Market. In this list, we would bring you out with the names of Fortress Stadium as well as Hall Road Market too. Grab these markets now! Talking about the bazaars of Lahore the first and most renowned bazaar that comes to our mind is undoubtedly Anarkali bazaar. It has great historical values that remind us about our ancestors. The bazaar is located at the front of Lahore museum. Due to the vast coverage of the area, it has further divided into the two parts, the old Anarkali bazaar, and the new Anarkali bazaar. The second one is the Ichhra Bazaar that named for the tomb ichra. It is situated in the Firozpur road. Continuing the list the fortress stadium may not require the introduction. It is thought to be the best commercial area of the city and located in the Cantt area. The shalmi bazaar is also an excellent choice if you are looking for the shopping at the economical prices. Last but not the least Urdu bazar and are also the large commercial markets of Lahore that will have the potential to satisfy your need for the quality products it may have variety of different books no matter how old it is, but it for sure will have its presence in the urdu bazaar.

Cheapest Bazaar in Lahore:

Most of the times it does happen that when an ordinary class of the people are making their way to Lahore city for the tour, then for sure they, first of all, try to search for the cheapest bazaar in Lahore City. Moving into the Lahore, you will be coming across with so many options of Bazaars that are cheapest in rates but at the same time, they do make sure that they are offering their customers with the high quality of the accessories and items. In the list of the cheapest Bazaars in Lahore, we would be ideally mentioning the names of Anarkali Bazaar as well as Shalmi Bazaar and also Hall Road as well. These bazaars are famous meant for the individuals who do not want to spend much a handsome amount of money at the time of their shopping venues. For the information of readers, we would like to mention that Anarkali Market is hence located over the area of the front of Lahore Museum and just as on the side of Punjab University Old Campus as near to gate of Meo Hospital Lahore. So what are waiting for? Go and visit these best shops in Lahore!

List of Markets in Lahore:

If you would be making the list of best shops in Lahore, then for sure you would be coming up with the countless options in your hands. Shalmi Market is one of the top markets in Lahore. It is located in the area near to close to Shah-Alami Gate that is close to the Mayo hospital. This market deals out with the best quality of wholesale jewelry as well as readymade garments plus the cosmetics. Soha Bazaar is located in the Rang Mahal that is placed as near to the Delhi Gate. Anarkali Bazaar is another one of the prominent names in our list of Lahore markets. This place even takes into custody the delicious food street options too. Our list would be incomplete if we would not be mentioning out the name of Liberty Market. This is the ultimate planet of shopping for the shopping lovers. Moon Market has also turn out to be one of the best markets in Lahore. It is located in Gulbery place area. So whenever you will make your visit to Lahore, make sure that you do not miss out visiting these amazing market locations! You would love visiting them again and again! Lahore has hundreds of markets, but the Liberty market is considered to be the best choice for shopping as it will have all the varieties and essential in a single place, but if you are looking to have the best quality jewelry, then you must go for that. Hall road market is declared to be even the largest market of Asia that mainly deals with the computer, mobiles, CCTV cameras, wires, etc. it has a history even to its name as the foreigners have built the four halls along the road. Though in the market the retailer won’t be providing you with any warranty hence it could be a bit risky investment, but the products are gettable at relatively lower prices. The moon market that may include everything from the restaurants to shopping mall and all the recreational area to make your shopping even more fun. It is located in the middle of Allama Iqbal town Lahore. Firdous market is also an option to have the quality product at the lowest value while it is situated in the Ali zaib Rd, Lahore Pakistan. Barkat market and the jaffarabad market also have the largely commercial area, and people always seem to be rushing for buying their different items over there.

Lahore Shopping Malls Name:

Apart from the market areas, you will be finding so many amazing and top known Lahore shopping malls name as well. In these names, at the top of the list, we have the name of Emporium Mall that is popularly known as being one of the Lahore’s largest and hence the most innovatively planned shopping complex. It is located in Johar Town where you can find the crowd of almost the palace of 200 plus brand stores. It is additionally added with multiplex cinema as well as banquet halls. Mall of Lahore is another one of the most ruling shopping malls in Lahore. It is situated in the prime location of Lahore Cantonment on Mall Road. Fortress Square is turning out to be one of the most wanted shopping malls of Lahore that is settled in the Gulberg Area near Cantt. This mall takes into account the hold of 100 biggest brands and best shops in Lahore of Pakistan with the cinema as well as dining options. Additionally, we have the names of Xinhua Mall as well as Packages Malls. They are so much designed in extraordinary beauty outlook and favorable environment for families. Go and visit them now and you would love all of them! Shopping has always been the most pleasing and likable thing for the ladies and so for the men nowadays. Lahore is enriched with all the resources if you are living there you will never have any shortage of the malls. If you want to know about the most famous and the best shopping malls of Lahore then you need to consider the following: The mall of Lahore is the most prestigious one, and every person might have visited it once. Gulberg Galleria that 18 Main Blvd Gulberg, Lahore, Pakistan is also a fascinating mall for kids, man, and woman. Xinhua mall: The mall is highly appreciated by the people. It always seems rushy and mainly located in the 18 Main Blvd Gulberg, Lahore, Pakistan. Pace: the pace may not require any introduction as it has many franchises in different cities, and it is always known to be a very luxurious mall that may have every type of product ranges from the small price to the expensive things. Fortress mall: the mall has the big building and the complete five stories. It includes every stuff starting from the recreational to all the basic stuff. Moreover, the emporium mall that is there in the Johar town may also be the best choice for shopping.

Cheap Shopping in Lahore:

If you have a concept in mind that visiting Lahore will make you introduce with just expensive best shops in Lahore for shopping then you are 100% wrong. It is equally possible to have some cheap shopping in Lahore as well. One of the best places to have the best cheap shopping is the place of Anarkali. Anarkali market has been categorized into two portions namely as Old Anarkali Bazar and also the New Anarkali Bazar. This market do offer you with the bridal wear dresses at the cheap rates. Ichhra Bazaar has named out to be the best markets in Lahore that offer you out with the commercial and residential options of shopping. This market place is located as on Ferozpur Road between Gulberg, as well as Mozang and the Old City. You can even look out of the cheap shopping options while making you visit in Liberty Market as well. Shalmi bazaar is another one of the finest options to undertake the cheap shopping in Lahore. This market was previously known by the name of Shah Alam Market. It is situated in the area by the sidelines of Shah Alami Market, Lahore. To have a cheap shopping experience, visit them all now! No matter how rich the people may get but they always prefer to go for the cheap or economic shopping that will have the potential to satisfy the shopper’s need at the fullest level. In Lahore, you might have thousands of options to go for the cheap shopping, and that may provide you the premium experience of using it. If you are interested in buying the economic items, then you need to skip going to the big malls of Lahore or the branded item. Always prefer to go for the street market as they will give you your required product at relatively lower price than the same product that would be available in the big shop or mall. The Anarkali bazaar, moon market, Urdu Bazaar and the ichara bazar and the Kashmiri bazaar are some of the worth considering options. The bazaars mentioned above will enhance your shopping experience, and all your desired products will be gettable at the lowest possible value. The choices will be many but all you need is a proper research before going hence buying the cheap shopping will not be that difficult for you.

Lahore Markets Names:

Let's give out our readers with the list of some of the famous and well known best shops in Lahore:

  • Anarkali Bazaar
  • Main Market Gulberg
  • Beadon Road
  • MM Alam Road
  • Defence Housing Authority
  • Fortress Stadium
  • Mall of Lahore
  • Icchra
  • Liberty Market
  • Mall Road
  • Cavalry Ground
  • Hall Road
  • Shah Alami market
  • Hyperstar
  • Mini Market Gulberg
  • Model Town Link Road
  • Metro
  • Al Fatah Store
  • Makro
  • Pace
  • H. Karim Bakhsh and Sons
  • Siddiq Trade Center
  • Emporium Mall

There is a wide range of more interesting and best shopping options of shops and stores for you in Lahore which would make your shopping experience even much more enjoyable and the best one. If you are big shopping lover, then you should, first of all, make the list of best shopping areas and destinations in Lahore and explore them one by one. Living in a country like Pakistan where most of the people spend their hard earned money very carefully always wish to have a bazaar where they will be able to purchase the cheap products and can fulfill their need. Anarkali Bazaar has the vast area, and you will find a lot of sellers that will be providing you the best products at quite lowest possible cost. Urdu bazaar is also there to let you have every book no matter how redundant it is. The rang mahal bazar as its name indicates it will be having all the colors in it, you may have everything of your choice at the lower price. The Kashmiri bazaar is also there that may have everything available in it, and most probably you will get all the items at the lower price than the other competing bazaars. Icchara bazar is also there to have every variety with it for the men, women, and kids and would never disappoint you as it will have everything you may require. Sarafa Bazaar that primarily deals with the jewelry has the most impressive quality and the design.

Online Shopping in Lahore:

Do you love doing shopping online? If yes, then don't miss out checking out with some of the best Lahore shopping online websites that are accessing out the excellent services of shopping for you. Normally the people of Lahore, who cannot afford the luxury brand clothes, they always try to make the best use of the Lahore shopping online websites that are not just cheap with their rates but even provide with the access of the high-quality accessories, clothing, and products. In the top most rated online Lahore shopping websites we would highlight the prominent name of Daraz for sure. This website has remained at the front line when it comes to the online shopping of best shops in Lahore. On the same category, we would bring you out with the name of OLX as well. Likewise, you would probably be finding so much more such kinds of the best shopping online sites in Lahore to take advantage from. So start visiting these websites right now and take the real fun out from the online shopping planet!

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