List of Top 5 Places to Live in Lahore

Lahore is a renowned city of Pakistan. It entertains oneself with its adoration through various angles. Lahori individuals are outstanding for their accommodation. Many individuals who don't have a place with Lahore city needs to move their through openings for work since they need to enhance their expectation for everyday comforts. As we all know Lahore is considered as amongst the most developed cities of Pakistan, same is the case with the living societies situated in Lahore city. Let’s take a look at the best Top 5 societies/housing schemes placed in Lahore to live in.

List of top 5 places to live in Lahore

5: Johar Town
These housing societies are named after a celebrity of great significance in the history of Pakistan, “Mr. Muhammad Ali Johar”. These societies are quite ancient. Houses constructed according to the old architectural designs, which obviously reflects the cultural point of view. Roads constructed aren’t wide enough as compared to other societies but they are still better than many other competitive places. Johar Town contains Super markets for shopping and stuff, in abundant quantity. It’s cheaper against other living societies.

4: Valencia Town
It’s constructed on Ali Akbar road. Valencia town and Wapda town are two well-known housing schemes which are located side by side. Valencia town is better in aspects against Wapda colony/town, but it’s a bit expensive as compared to later town mentioned. Roads are wider than Johar Town. Not over-populated if we compare it to Wapda Town. It is calmer than any other place to live in.

3: Bahria Town Housing Society
Well-known Bahria town is one of the best places to live in Lahore. It contains all the luxurious qualities which one looks in a living place. The location is well placed as it’s situated near Lahore Canal. Greenery at its best, most dynamic way of living. Prices are as high as the luxury being provided. The lavish way of living at Bahria town comes with a price and not ordinary price, big hefty price as compared to other societies. That’s not the only drawback we got here, there’s a little more to it as it is situated away from Lahore City.

2: DHA (Defense Housing Authority)
Based on the facilities provided by DHA, most foreigners and Elite class businessmen choose to live in it. We can break it further down that why people need to look into it, Wider Roads are one of the main reasons, no one wants to get stuck into long traffic jams. The security system provided by DHA is extra-ordinary. The demand is unreal, DHA started with Phase 1 and now it has produced 5 phases more and 2 still being constructed. Just a little thought, if you’re looking to live in DHA just make sure you have hell a lot of credit in your bank account as it requires a lot from a person.

1: Urban Developers Group
Urban developers group is not a single society scheme, it’s a brand. Most favorable place to live in, considering the needs of customers. Keeping in mind the budget required and facilities this group is providing. Let us tell you a little about the services they are providing along with simple living.
• Air Avenue Housing Scheme
• Central Park Housing Scheme
• IT Tower
• Air Avenue Luxury Apartments

The housing scheme is complete package according to the class of its customers. Air Avenue Housing Scheme contains most affordable houses while Luxury Apartments are covered by Air Avenue Luxury Apartments for those who don’t need a living house to get settled in.
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Construction in 21st Century

Construction is directly tied into the fields of civil engineering and architecture. It is a process that consists of building an infrastructure. As a result of this role or procedural description, a construction company is responsible for building structures, in both the commercial and private sectors. There are numerous construction companies in Pakistan that are very actively participating in carrying out the processes in order to make the infrastructure. There are several type of construction works varying small maintenance to huge construction projects. The projects are divided among different companies that are responsible to carry out their specific duty in order to contribute to the production process. The companies provide their services at contractual basis or at a fixed rate for monthly or any particular order. In Pakistan, there is immense market in the construction business, and varying companies are seen to be working in different areas providing wide range of services. Pakistan is a labor intensive country and due to low labor cost, the construction business is quite profitable. Hence, most of the natives are actively participating in the construction business. This becomes profitable for them, as reducing costs. Other than that, the labor is experienced to be less productive in Pakistan thus more labor hours are seen to be imposed in the local market. The contractors face good deal of Governmental obligations which maintains and tames the role of trade labor unions and strives to maintain a harmonious relation in between the both parties.
Market is seen to be captured mainly by contractors, providing their services in development of building, roads, hospitals, markets and similar infrastructure. Recently, the Government of Pakistan has actively involved in the construction of huge projects including a definite and organized web of roads around the country and much more projects are under way which involve major construction involvement which will turn out to be beneficial for the construction companies.
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Urban Developers Project - Air Avenue Luxury Apartments

As we all know the most exciting Developers’ of Lahore (Urban Developers) are emerging quite nicely. They have put forward many mesmerizing Projects for the people of Lahore. One of their main projects is Air Avenue Housing Scheme.

Air Avenue Luxury Apartments

One of the most elegant housing schemes of Lahore. Urban Developers started this project right opposite to Lahore airport. The standard provided by Urban Developers is second to nothing, basically that is exactly the reason why DHA merged Air Avenue Housing Scheme to part of its plan and now managing it directly.
Services provided are quite extraordinary at Air Avenue Luxury Apartments. Let’s cover all the main aspects of being an Elite housing scheme.
First one comes to mind is the way leading to this housing scheme. The roads (way to the destination) are carpeted in each n every manner. The work done on the roads, let alone whole of this project, is appreciate able as the way to this scheme is perfectly constructed.
Now a day’s security issues are increasing with the current state of the country. People are afraid to choose b/w different housing schemes just after looking at the security conditions provided by those housing societies. Given the state of the services provided by Urban Developers, people’s security was always the priority. Top class, special, sharply trained security units provide inch-perfect cover to the residents of Air Avenue Luxury Apartments.
Electricity availability is essential for selecting any Housing Society to live in. Air Avenue Luxury Apartments provides underground electrification to keep you out of trouble.
Water supply is available 24/7. Purified water plants are being constructed for the residents. Water availability is also one of the biggest issues to look before choosing to live in a housing society.
Being a person living in Islamic Republic of Pakistan requires well-constructed Masjids (Mosques) to offer 5 times prayers daily. Mentioning this wasn’t necessary but we just wanted to tell you people that the maintenance of such crowded places is difficult as compared to other places. The Masjids situated in Air Avenue Luxury Apartments are one the bests in oppose to other societies of this caliber.
Everything is well if health is well. A great saying with a great meaning hidden behind it. What can we take out of all the luxurious services if we aren’t healthy enough to enjoy them? Air Avenue Luxury Apartments has the finest Clinics and Health Care centers in this regard.
Schools and colleges are not very rare to find these days but a good institute to make your children actually learn SOMETHING is. Urban Developers have paid great attention to this aspect to provide you with the best services.
Parks and Clubs are also provided for some refreshment purposes. You don’t need to go all the way across Lahore for the basis of just enjoyment. Urban Developers provided EVERYTHING within their Masterplan. Last but NOT THE LEAST comes Shopping centers including the grocery scale shopping (related to hygiene) and Elite scale shopping (related to your body wear, household, electronics, etc.) are available right within the housing scheme.
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Central Park

Central Park Housing Scheme located at Ferozepur Road Lahore, is one of the core projects of Urban Developers who has marvelous track record of innovative landscaping,revolutionary developments and timely delivery of ventures; over three and half decades. Central Park Housing Scheme with a vibrant insight and enthusiastic team-work has managed to be the significant society to offer the quality of life for all the valued members. ALHAMDOLILLAH, today the business trends have proved that Central Park Housing Scheme has become precious legacy in just few years which reveals the true success story.Initially the scheme was planned to cover approximately 9,500 Kanals of land and keeping in view high demands, honor and confidence shown by masses on cherish leadership of Mian Tahir Javed (Chairman Urban Developers), the new planning is proceeding an equivalent piece of land for future extensions. We believe that the fundamental of success is always lied in the winning corporate culture that promotes development and encourages modernization and our customer-driven strategy that is guided by innovative solutions, quality development and a never ending search for better ways to serve our honorable client.
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Landmark living on the avenue

'Landmark living on the avenue' You can come visit the model apartments and experience the luxury. #UrbanDevelopers #AirAvenue #LuxuryApartments For further information feel free to reach us at; Phone: +92-42 35690604, +92-42 35690742 Mobile: +92-321 3213021, +92-320 441115 Facebook: E-mail: Website:
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