Luxury Apartments in LAHORE - Best Place to Live in Lahore

Luxury Apartments in LAHORE - Best Place to Live in Lahore

Today, shopping centers have become a more attractive option to invest, in response to the growing needs of customers who want to find in one place: excellent location, quality, competitive prices, a good return on investment and of course affluence of large groups of people. Shopping centers are adapted to the latest world trends, with innovative designs, with excellent investment alternatives, and responding to the needs of the sectors and economies of each region. Likewise, as a response to the demand for spaces, a more favorable investment is Lahore is to invest in IT tower. What is being built today is being sold satisfactorily, as evidenced by projects that are mostly at the optimum point, since depending on the business model generates a very attractive profitability. This turns out to be one of the best businesses to invest in a due country, to the confidence that exists today to invest. If you have some savings and would like to make a profit, if you want to know where to invest money, then you have come to the right place!! In this article I will talk about the best options to invest money in Lahore and start generating extra income. If you're a little lost, do not worry, it's normal. It is as clear, how about you invest in IT tower and get the most of it. Due to the increase in investments in the retail sector (i.e. shopping malls), the ranking of mobile investment has been drastically modified and shopping centers have been climbing positions with a sure and steady pace. How to choose the right option to invest my money? This decision is personal and will depend on the study you have made of the investment options. This study is made to know the main characteristics as the risk, the profitability or the degree of liquidity. You also have to think about how much money you are willing to risk, what your economic goals are, what knowledge you have and your preferences regarding investment control. IT tower is designed not only to offer services and sell clothing or accessories but also to provide a good form of entertainment and leisure to people. But, have you thought that there are also ways of investing in shopping malls ?they are also a good opportunity to establish a business, be it food, clothing, jewelry, leather goods, sports, or another type of premises or stores. We all seek safe business options is no stranger to anyone. Both companies and individuals want to get the maximum benefits with the least number of possible risks for their income. This situation leads us intermittently (usually coinciding with the time when we have more capital) to ask ourselves what are the safe investments in Spain today. And it seems that investing in malls has become a strategy within the reach of a few to get insured profits. In fact, this type of real estate has surpassed the offices in terms of profitability.

Why invest in IT tower?

One of the places that offer these possibilities are the commercial center to invest is IT tower. This is located in a strategic area in the heart of the town of Lahore? As known that the accelerated growth of, IT tower in addition to their appearance in different parts of the city, attracts the attention of many people, who daily attend them wanting to spend a good time or acquire some good or service. That is why investment in horizontal property or high-yield projects is a profitable business to consider. Apart from being a commercial place, it will also be mixed with an apartment tower that offers housing and economic growth in one place. Some certain conditions have been added that have boosted this type of investment. Investing in shopping centers like IT tower is now more attractive than a few years ago mainly for the following reasons: ? To date, there is greater liquidity in the market that we did not see since before. ? The price of money right now is very low, so investors are thirsty to get more profitability for their money. ? The increase in demand makes homeowners consider this as a good time to put their assets on sale and make significant profits in return. ? Through IT tower will give you the opportunity, to generate an excellent income, not only in real estate but also in commerce. It is definitely an idea to consider, in order ensuring a great future business that leaves you good dividends, gives you peace of mind and also offers you an opportunity in the sector of premises or housing, whether as a business owner or company.
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Top 10 best shops in Lahore you must Visit

Top 10 best shops in Lahore you must Visit

Despite being reputed as expensive, shopping malls are not only maintained, but continue to grow and Fashion in Lahore is going through one of its best moments, both nationally and internationally. The prices, varied, make each brand an essential reference for "fashionistas", who see as the offer increases adapting to their tastes. Lahore is a perfect place for shopping. And what is more comfortable than a mall? Yes, you are right we are talking about IT tower, which is at number one and has no comparison with other stores or malls. It is a commercial center that enjoys fame thanks to its modernity, large size and varied offers in terms of styles of clothing is concerned. so desired by teenagers and young adults. Further, this leisure center has a lot which makes it really attractive to the public. A large square meter is adapted for the enjoyment of the whole family. Shops of clothing, sports, electronics and much more you can find here without the need to leave Lahore, in addition to finding a large area of restaurants for all tastes. It has free parking and large brand stores, in many cases outlet; you can find very good prices on luxury items. If your thing is the exclusivity here then you will find everything you need in fashion articles and much more. People hardly find a space where they can do several errands or so much distraction. In order to find the cinema, banks, supermarket, amusement park, restaurants, clothing stores and even mass celebration is an attractive offer for people on any day of the week. Although there is a widespread belief that shopping centers have the highest trade prices, that it is not true because whoever visits them can realize that there are constant signs that indicate discounts from 10% to 50% and more. "It should also be added that whoever visits and purchases in a shopping center is more likely to receive personalized attention. You will find entertainment centers where you can see touch and try before you buy. In addition, it has where to store the car; you can connect to Wi-Fi internet and even enjoy concerts and performances by artists without paying. This development is closely linked to the processes of economic globalization, but also to the very social and cultural transformations that have taken place. Knowing the reasons that lead consumers to choose and visit a shopping center becomes an important and fundamental element in understanding their behavior; this is why it is necessary to describe how the commercial attraction is a consequence of the marketing variables used in shopping centers and how consumers respond to these variables. Keeping all the things in mind, the IT tower has been designed by the experts and has the top notch brands. In addition, it must be taken into account that attraction is not something isolated from the individual, but the environment is decisive which the IT tower is presenting itself. It confirms the trend that shows that women enjoy more than men the experience of shopping and shopping malls and are more attracted to discounts than men.

Why choose IT tower?

? Those who visit the mall do not always do so with the intention of buying. In some cases, they are motivated by the variety of leisure activities, entertainment, and friendships offered by the place, not necessarily consumption. That means they enjoy the experience of staying in the place. IT tower has all. ? Consumers are increasingly attracted to shopping malls like IT tower. This is demonstrated in a trend that is increasing in relation to the frequency of visits in a monthly period, becoming one of the places that most prefer to visit in their times of rest. ? At IT tower fun and food consumption are present, which are two of the most frequent consumer buying decisions, even surpassing the decision to buy clothes. ? This is why the most modern shopping centers like IT tower have a wide variety of entertainment options and services offered to its visitors and what is sought is that the customer finds everything in one place, to recreate their children through a lot of things; attending a cultural event "musical concert", doing banking transactions, going to the beauty salon, are some of the activities that are offered and are scheduled to extend the length of stay. If you are looking for clothing shops to eateries so IT tower is the best place to visit.
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Boost your business this Ramadan

I.T. Tower brings the exciting Ramadan Offer where you can enjoy starting your new business without paying for up to 6 months. If you are looking for an office space in Lahore, look no further I.T. Tower is guaranteed to be the best choice in the town for Software Houses, Call Centers, Service Centers and what not. Please contact the sales team to visit I.T. Tower. Contact details are listed below: Website: UAN: 042-111-109-111 Mobile: 0320-4411115-18, 0320-7373006 Address: I.T.Tower shopping Mall 73-E-1, Hali Road, Gulberg III Lahore, Pakistan -
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Urban Developers

Urban Developers is one of the top and most reputable real estate property development companies of Pakistan. It was established in 1990 and has been serving the real estate sector of Pakistan for 30 years with full commitment and dedication. The company is highly recognized in Pakistan and have been making success by leaps and bounds.

The company is full of a blend of enthusiastic and innovative architects, engineers and planners. King’s Group has been able to earn a reputable position in real estate marketing by catering the ever-changing needs, demands and taste of the most discerning families. The company is making waves in the construction and development business because it never settles for less than the best and continuously strives to create even better than the best.

All the project of URBAN Developers are a hallmark of their success. Their major projects include various residential schemes and commercial projects like Air Avenue Housing Scheme, Central Park Housing Scheme, Punjab Cooperative Housing Society, Air Avenue Luxury Apartments, I.T Tower and Midland Farm Houses. All of these projects are a prestigious proofs of the company’s professional excellence.

Urban Developers provides maximum satisfaction and support to its customers. It provides them with the opportunity to invest in the luxurious dream house or appealing land-plot at an affordable price. It has also maintained high standards of customer care and business ethics by delivering top quality infrastructure and architectural planning.


Urban Developers has successfully completed various construction and development projects. A glimpse of some of their projects has shown below:

  1. Central Park Housing Scheme:

It is one of the major projects of Urban Developers. This scheme is located on the ideal location of Ferozepur Road. It offers about 9500 Kanal land for housing.

The Silent features of the project are:

  1. 40-50 feet carpeted road
  2. Filtrated water
  3. Basic facilities like water, electricity, gas, and sewerage system are available all the time.
  4. School, mosque, college, and hospital are also close to this project.
  5. Public transport for 24 hours is available.
  6. The Security system is also available.

Central Park Hospital:


Mr Mian Tahir Javed, Mr Riaz Chohan and Mr Ashfaq Mahmud Khan who are businessmen and Philanthropists invested in this project with an extensive consultation by a group of overseas Pakistani doctors Dr. Ahmad Tanvir Naqvi & Dr. Asif Abbas Naqvi. Mrs. Uzma Rafiq also provided a huge amount of support in this project. Every unit of this hospital is designed with great amount of expertise, depth and deepness with intrinsic planning focusing on each and every little detail about architecture and location. It is providing quality health care facilities to families.

Central Park Medical College:

This is another project completed by Urban Developers which is designed keeping in view the ever increasing needs of young doctors in Pakistan. The project consists of the Medical school building, girls and boys hostels with ample social services for the students and teachers. It has most up-to-date medical education center with the modern Library equipped with online Journal facility. It has learning resource center, which will have network throughout the institution. This is of course, one of the good facilities for the general public and for the medical student as well.

  1. Midland Farm Houses:

Midland Farm Houses is a magnificent project developed by “Urban Developers”. Situated at the prime location of Bedian Road Lahore, it offers 4 to 6 Kanal plots. This housing venture is a safe and secure gated community with beautiful surroundings, close to nature environment and is a great source of happiness to the family with high security, serenity, tranquility, and peace of mind.

Silent features of the project are:

  1. Idyllic location
  2. 4 to 6 Kanal farm houses with vast corridors
  3. Pleasant and breathtaking views
  4. Cameras for the security are also available to prevent any criminal act.
  5. Model Town:

There are 2326 residential plots available for the major population of 1, 00,000 in the Model town. Every basic as well as modern amenity is available is this beautiful town.

  1. Johar Town:

Johar Town is a popular residential area which has many educational institutions and hospitals in it. This town accommodates 6846 plots which are available to meet the housing needs of families.

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Start a business with I.T.Tower the land of opportunities

Now it has come up with an amazing offer that will provide you the chance to earn throughout the year by just paying rent for six months. Do not waste a moment to call us and book your shop right away! Website: UAN: 042-111-109-111 Mobile: 0320-4411115-18, 0320-7373006 Address: I.T.Tower shopping Mall 73-E-1, Hali Road, Gulberg III Lahore, Pakistan
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